Support and boost
the immune system

The presence of cancer and other disease is the sign of a weak immune system

The activation of Macrophage cells is a key mechanism for fighting off disease and VDTP is key to this process.The video below is shot in time lapse under a microscope and shows activated Macrophages at work.


Get the Immunotherapy book

The cells in our body are constantly mutating, damage can occur at any stage and can lead to serious health conditions. This book contains information and research on the processes of the immune system and provides further theoretical details on the function of Macrophages, Nagalase and the nature of cancer cells. Please feel free to download a PDF version here. Written by Anna Chukova, Master of Biochemistry with over 20 years of research in the field of Immunology. Download the book

Vitamin C is vital

When sourcing Vitamin C, we come across many obstacles. We source only the purest form of non corn, high dose, quality products that are affordable for patients with short delivery lead times. Learn More

Shine a light on cancer

Everyone is low in Vitamin D3, especially cancer patients. The rising and setting sun is the only natural source of the full spectrum light that provides this essential life giving hormone. We source the highest quality and dose Cholecalciferol Vitamin D3 to help boost your patients immune system. Get Vitamin D3


Thymulin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the epithelial cells of the Thymus gland and is an essential component of our immune system. As we age the Thymus slows down which has a detrimental effect on our bodies ability to fight disease. Also known as a hypophysiotropic peptide Thymulin is an immune modulator molecule, critical for the development of active T-cells and so is a vital part of an overall functioning immune system. Learn More

Alpha Lipoic acid

Alpha-lipoic acid/Thioctic acid (ALA) is a naturally occurring antioxidant nutrient that can be beneficial for the nervous system, thyroid, heart, balancing blood sugar and counteracting the natural deterioration of cells. It also breaks down carbohydrates and can aid post operative recovery. It can also promote healthy aging, organ function, cardiovascular, brain and nervous system health. Get ALA