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We pride ourselves on sourcing our products from the very best places in the world. Our team travel the globe in search of the cleanest, organic, pesticide spray free, non GMO products. 





Combining mainstream with holistic medicine

With over 20 years of medical research and case history our experiences have led us to the knowledge that there is much to be gained from combining the practices of both mother nature and modern science. Natural holisitic treatments are considered kinder on the body, whilst diagnostic tools and pharmaceutical research are also vital to improving patient healthcare.


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With over 20 years of research and clinical experience in Immunology, we can help advise on patient protocals, to help support your individual patients needs.

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The human

The human body contains 2 different vital Cannabinoid receptors (CB) that are essential to our mental and physical health. There are two receptors, CB1 and CB2, whilst the latest research reveals rumors of a third CB3 receptor. Learn More
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When a patient has cancer, or any other immune disorder, diet becomes a vital component in their care and can also be the key to gaining a positive response to all other treatment. So we put together a guide for cancer patiets with a list of not only the things to avoid, but the foods they should eat in order to boost their chances of longer term success. Learn More

Vitamin D Transport Protein is essential to our immune system.

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With different blends for various conditions, find the right blend for your patient

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